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6 Ways To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

Buying a house in today’s market is not an easy task for most, so young families and individuals are opting to rent instead. The struggle that many of them are facing is how to make their space feel truly their own. There are so many easy ways to transform the place without making structural changes and major renovations, here are some of my favourite solutions for home décor while renting:


1. Invest in your space

Even if you’re living in the space temporarily it should feel like home, so don’t put off decorating for a better day. There is no better feeling than coming home to a place you truly love. Invest in versatile pieces that could be easily moved to another place (like furniture), and serve a dual purpose or can be transformed according to your needs - modular sofas that can switch sides, coffee or side tables with storage, foldable chairs are all great options!


2. Embrace the Paint

As obvious as it might seem, paint can truly transform your space in so many ways. You can add a feature wall, paint the ceiling or even create a mural. It can be easily painted back when you’re moving out! But my personal experience showed that the landlords generally do not mind those kinds of improvements.


3. Removable wallpaper

A wonder of modern interior design, the removable wallpaper can add so much texture, colour and interest to any room. My favourite stores to shop from: Opposite wall, Cover These Walls, Wall Pops!, Chasing Paper.


4. Artwork

Adding artwork to your space can help you eliminate blank walls and pull the design together with a consistent style and overall theme. You can make a great impact with individual prints or create a curated collection, follow the link to see more tips on how to put together a perfect gallery wall. Even a super strict lease is no excuse for bare walls. You also don’t have to drill in the holes to hang the art - picture hanging strips will do the job perfectly without leaving any marks.


5. Upgrading hardware

Swapping basic builder-grade hardware to something a bit more elevated can make a huge difference. You can add pieces that reflect your personal style and fit the overall design of your place. Keep the originals somewhere safe, in case the owner will not appreciate the change.


6. Change the lighting

Good lighting can make or break how you feel in the space, and most rentals, especially the ones facing eastern sides, lack proper lighting. Consider changing the overhead fixtures if possible, and opt for daylight (4600 - 6500 Kelvin) white bulbs, to get the most natural light. If changing the fixtures is not possible, expand your collection of table and floor lamps, those add so much character into the design and serve a great purpose.

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