Hello there! My name is Valerie Iush and I am the owner and principal designer at Valerie Iush Interiors.
Since my childhood, I have always been passionate about creative traits, especially painting and fashion and I also remember moving furniture around in my room every few months, always looking for a new perspective and trying to optimize the space I've had. With a background in Fashion Industry, I decided to pivot towards Interior Design and found myself in a captivating world of textiles, finishes, renderings, floorplans and so much more, needless to say, I have completely fallen in love with this field!

Valerie Iush, Interior Designer

Best Design advice to live by? 

Every design should become a reflection of my clients, not myself. I spend some time getting to know them and what their values are. My job is to find a creative way to form their vision into reality. Your space does not have to look like the most trendy Pinterest pictures, it should become a cohesive reflection of your taste and preferences. 


Favourite part of the job? 

Sourcing! Once you approve the design direction and floor plans, I start the quest of picking the materials, finishes, furniture and decor pieces. At this stage, the design really starts coming together in my head and it is so fun!


Functionality or aestheticism?

I could never choose one! My main goal is to help you create a design that offers both! Every house could be transformed into a beautiful and well-functioning space for you. It will be different from client to client, as everyone has their own idea of beauty and priorities as well. That is why my job is so exciting. 


What is my style? 

I love the mid-century modern feel and clean lines! It is important for me to create spaces that are not overwhelming with details, colours or patterns. You have to be able to breathe freely in the space and feel comfortable, the balance is key here. 


What are the trends that should stay in the past? 

Flat white subway tile, all-white kitchens, cool grey interiors. We have seen so much of all of that lately, it is time to add something different to the mix! If subway tile is your thing, pick one with a handmade look or a bit of colour. There are also so many gorgeous patterns like chevron or herringbone, that look timeless and classy as well! Oh, and pampas grass, I just do not get the trend and it has been too much of it lately everywhere!